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Designed to help you reach your goals wherever you may be

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Built from the ground up

We are redesigning the learning experience from first principles. Not familiar with the Reachitt concept? Check out our video below


Phase 1

Never stop exploring

The solution to procrastination. Gamification is being implemented to further enhance the learning experience

Smart Features

Topic specific tools being developed to make learning more efficient and enjoyable

Goal Focus

All topic elements, resources and reviews are centred around the goal

We’re listening to you

We’re really early in our development and welcome feedback and suggestions from learners, tutors, instructors and anyone else who wants to help make Reachitt the most effective learning platform.

"I've used other platforms in the past with quite a few pain points for us tutors. Reachitt really care about solving them from the get go"

Abigail R


“Focusing on the learning is one thing, but the team really took on board my advice about UX and aesthetics 👍👌"

Claude G


“The team are really passionate about making this the best learning experience possible!”

Shanice T


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A peek at our concept elements

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