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Self study with many of the benefits of a private tutor at much more affordable rates 

Money Back When You Reach Your Goal


The Reachitt Difference

Learn languages, the Reachitt Way

Learning an language can be as difficult as it is rewarding. For anyone who’s actually tried, you know it’s not as simple as just memorising some new vocabulary.

But it’s worth the effort! It opens up so many new opportunities that only become possible once you break through that language barrier.

And while there are lots of apps that make big promises about learning on your own, people often give up because they don’t have structure or accountability. Tutors are often expensive, and it can be hard know whether or not you’re actually making progress. And courses can be hard to fit into a busy lifestyle between travel time and scheduling. The Reachitt method takes a whole new approach to language learning by crafting a framework of goal-setting techniques that are tailored to fit the learner’s lifestyle and learning preferences. It offers a bespoke program that’s designed to keep you motivated and achieve quicker.


Individualised Plans

Your lifestyle and your goals are unique to you, so your learner’s journey should be unique to you and your needs as well. Your learning plan will be bespoke to you. 


Proven Goal-setting Techniques

Not all goal-setting practices are equal – we’ve done the homework and crafted a framework for achievement that’s based on the evidence


Stay Motivated

Motivation is the key to success. Our instructors and tested methods will  keep you motivated on your journey. Money back when you reach your goal is just the cherry on top. 


Tangible Progress

Track your progress and know exactly where you are via our system of data visualisation and regular feedback 


Professional Guidance

Reachitt Language Instructors are vetted experts in their language who know how to maximise your efforts because they’ve been where you are


Saves Time & Money

Actually achieve your goals in record time and at a fraction of the cost – and move onto your next goal that much sooner

The Reachitt Language Package

(12 week commitment)
  • A professional language instructor in your subject
  • Goal crafting workshop with subject specalist
  • Personalized roadmap
  • Study support material
  • Weekly check-in reports with speciast instructor
  • 3x One hour progress check-in and development calls
  • One-time fee
  • No hidden subscription fees
  • 20% money back on successful goal completion
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Your goal journey

Moving fast and adapting is what we do best

  1. Goal crafting workshop
    Work with a specalist instructor for your langauge. We get to know a little about you and your goals - what's your current level of the language, do you have specific topical vocabulary needs, what's your timeframe... You get to know us - the what, how, why, and when we can help you succeed
  2. Get Your Personalised Roadmap
    A Roadmap to Success, created by your native-level speaking instructor. This will lay out a step-by-step plan that fits into your lifestyle and put you on target for your desired achievement date
  3. It's Day 1 on Your Path to Success!
    Start putting the work in with your assigned activities, send your activity results to your instructor and receive regular feedback and advice that's based on your progress to give you motivation and momentum
  4. Check in calls
    Check in with your instructor how far you are progressing against your roadmap. They will provide guidance on how you can improve and help with anything you are struggling with
  5. Reach your goals
    If you stuck to the plan you should reach your goal. For doing this we will reward you with 20% back of the package price. This should give you some added motivation

What Success Looks Like

You get to determine what success looks like for you. Do you want to have a conversational Spanish level for an upcoming trip? Do you need to pass an important Spanish exam? Do you need to get fluent quickly to expand your work opportunities?

You tell us where you want to go, and we show you how to get there.

Mark's Journey

I tried to learn with just apps but couldnt see tangible progress. After using Reachitt I realised I was learning in the wrong way. I was able to learn conversation Spanish for my year in Spain

Fiona's Journey

I spent a lot on a private tutor and didnt really know if I was making progress. With Reachitt's method I was able to make much progress without having to pay for a tutor each week

Who is ideal for Reachitt?

Reachitt is for people who value their time and have the serious intent to achieve their goals.

They want results.

And they’re willing to put the effort in because they know that’s the secret to success. Because Reachitt Learners know you get out of something what you put into it, and they want success.

Reachitt works for those that need flexbility

Our expert instructors will work with you to create a goal journey that is customised to fit around your other commitments while establishing a structured and consistent way maximise your ability to learn.

Let us create the plan. All you have to do is learn. Interested in having a your own personalised roadmap?


Reachitt can supplement other learning channels such as apps and can provides a cheaper method than getting a tutor every week. We have multiple benefits relative to other learning channels.

Reachitt Apps Apps Traditional Courses Traditional Courses
Bespoke Plan Creation
Customised Resources
Guidance from Expert Instructors
Measure and track progress
Constant focus on your goal
Accountability Embedded Throughout
Money Back Guarentee

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