The Reachitt Difference

Learning is the greatest reward you can give to yourself. It keep the mind young and life interesting, and the best part – it doesn’t really matter what you choose to learn, just that you challenge yourself to learn something.

Have you always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Maybe you want to become a master at business strategy?

The important thing is that you challenge yourself to learn something that inspires you, and Reachitt has a plan to help you master whatever goal you set for yourself. People often give up on their goals because they don’t have structure or accountability, but private tutors are often expensive, and it can be hard know whether or not you’re actually making progress. And courses can be hard to fit into a busy lifestyle between travel time and scheduling.

The Reachitt method takes a whole new approach to learning by crafting a framework of goal-setting techniques that are tailored to fit the learner’s lifestyle and learning preferences. It offers a bespoke program that’s designed to keep you motivated and achieve quicker.


We believe an outcome focused learning experience is the key to success.

We seek to change the way people approach developing a new skill, moving away from simply “putting in the time” to “putting in time with a clear direction”.

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Reachitt mobile app coming soon

In addition to creating a mobile experience for our users to ensure they can continue working towards their goals wherever they are, we are also providing an Investors experience where you will be able to be kept in the loop regularly with progress.

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