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The Reachitt Process

The Reachitt process is designed to push you out of your comfort zone using research-based, goal-setting techniques that make learning new skills more achievable than ever.

Learning requires personal growth, and it offers personal growth in return.

That's why the Reachitt learning process works - because our framework both supports you and challenges you every step of the way so that you can keep building upon your progress and achievements.

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The Student’s Journey

Tell us a little about your goals, and we will find the language specialist from our network of tutors who best matches your learning needs.

From there you will:

We will connect you with a tutor that best meets your goal and helps develop a plan to help you reach it.

receive a detailed roadmap that will highlight how you will get from where you are now to where want to be.

work with your tutor to find the best time to check in on your progress to ensure you are on track to hit your goal.

see success in hitting what you set out to achieve and get ready for your next goal.

You have the greatest chance for success if you enjoy the learning process. Reachitt tutors will keep you on track but ensure flexibility for the other important things in your life.

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