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We were recently fortunate enough to deliver two of our workshops to students at Castle Newnham School in Bedford. Super Speed Study Skills and Making Informed Decisions are two of our most popular and inspirational interventions, yet are rarely booked in tandem together.

Because of this, we wanted to measure just how much of a positive impact this pairing had on the students at Castle Newnham.

What the Teachers Thought:

We began by gathering feedback from staff members, asking simply what they thought of the workshops and what their favourite parts were…

Receiving a positive review is always great, but we were blown away with how detailed the feedback from staff at Castle Newnham was.

What the Students Thought:

Normally, we just send out a feedback form to the staff member who made the booking with us, but we’ve been making more of an effort to gather testimonials from the actual audience of our workshops, students.

In this instance, students were presented with a QR code that links to a feedback form that they can complete at their convenience. The questions are composed in such a way that we can measure the effectiveness of the content and the engagement of the students.

In the case of Castle Newnham School, the feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive, which, for us, is just the best possible result…

As you can see, the students thoroughly enjoyed both the Super Speed Study Skills and Making Informed Decisions workshops, and found them both to be useful to their studies and post-academic lives.

One other new approach we’re taking is to ask students for their thoughts about the workshops in a much more free-form, open-ended way. Once again, we were blown away with the results…

This approach to gathering feedback is something we will absolutely be looking to expand upon next academic year as it supports both us as a business and schools, who can ensure that they are getting measurable results for their money.

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