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As a Reachitt tutor, we will equip you with our unique framwork for goal setting and tracking. It's free to sign up.

Combined with your experience in language tutoring, our unique learning framework can help students achieve their desired results quicker.

As a Reachitt tutor you will receive...

Unique Framework

Built around proven goal-setting techniques

Specialised Tools

Tools to create roadmaps, content and for faster marking

Motivated Students

Who are keen to reach their goals

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Benefits of Being a Reachitt Tutor

Reachitt is different from other tutoring platforms.
Tutoring is most effective when students are committed to a learning goal.
We have built our system that's more effective for students and provides more benefits for tutors.

Increased Earnings

Flexible Schedule

More Motivated Students

Access to time saving tools

Outcome Focused

How It Works

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The Reachitt System

Our system is easy for you to learn so you can connect with students quickly

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Match with Students

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We currently offer and are actively recruiting for tutoring services specific to language learning. In future we will be expanding the Reachitt offerings to include more subjects.

Reachitt will be a place where anyone can learn anything they choose.

We welcome tutors and those with specialist expertise in any subject to submit of a sign-up form below and let us know what what you would be interested in tutoring with Reachitt.

To become a Reachitt tutor will require:

1. Proven proficiency in the language you want to teach.
2. Teaching skills or experience.
3. Education or certifications in language teaching.
4. Prior teaching or tutoring experience.
5. Strong communication and interpersonal skills

When you are accepted as a Reachitt tutor, you will be provided with details of the Reachitt framework and method as well as access to our tools.

You will be expected to leverage these as part of helping students reach their goals.

Once we find out more about what the student wants to achieve, we will find the Reachitt-approved tutor that matches the needs of the student and has suitable availability.

Reachitt will contact you if there is a student that we think would be a good fit for you.

It is 100% free to sign up!

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